Continuously Transposed Cable Manufacturing Equipment

Apr. 12, 2024

Continuously Transposed Cable is a kind of winding wire made of a certain number of enameled Rectangular wiresarranged in two columns in sequence by special technology, and wrapped by special lnsulatingmaterials. It is mainly used in the winding of large oil immersed power transformers, reactors andarge capacity dry-type transformers. By applying transposed wires to transformers, the spaceutilization ratio of winding is improved, the volume and the cost is reduced. What's more, theadditional loss of circulation and eddy current loss caused by leakage magnetic field are reducedAl the same time, it has the advantages of improving the mechanical strength of the winding andsaving the winding time etc.

Continuously Transposed Cable

Continuously Transposed Cable (CTC) is the important material for transformer winding. lthas the advantage of well using of space, low eddy current loss, high mechanical strength and lesstime of coil winding.

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