Magnet wire Price

Apr. 04, 2018

The SMM is affect price directly,the Enameled aluminum wire,Enameled copper wire,aluminum foil all is the good time to order.

Copper: At present, the overall price of copper is bullish. However, the pressure at the top is still heavy. Therefore, the recent copper price is still dominated by shocks. It is expected that today's London copper 6720 ~ 6780 US dollars / ton, Shanghai copper 50200 ~ 50700 yuan / ton.

Aluminium: Aluminium fell more than once, and the Seven Lianyin fell below the integer mark of US$2,000/ton. The trade war between China and the United States has intensified, and Allon’s decline is difficult. It is expected to run within 1975~2000 US dollars/ton. Material Shanghai aluminum main day operating 13930 ~ 14100 yuan / ton. Spot discount 60~20 yuan/ton.

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