Ultra-Fine Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire
  • Ultra-Fine Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire
  • Ultra-Fine Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire

Ultra-Fine Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire


Ultra-fine enameled rectangular copper wire range

Thickness a: 0.080-1.20mm

Width b: 0.80-6.00mm


Thermal Class: 155C, 180C, 200C, 220C, 240C

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Product introduction: 

The Ultra-fine enameled rectuangular copper wire is ≤ 6mm². It is made by rectangular copper wire coated with high temperature insulating varnish. This product can meet the customer's different ways of winding, and the product parameters include insulation species, temperature index, conductor thickness and width. Precision enameled flat wire widely used in electronic transformers, power supplies, solar energy, wireless chargers, automotive electronics, switches, mobile phones and other high-tech precision products.

Ultra-Fine Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire

Advantages  of   the   precision   enameled   flat   wire:

1.In the same winding space, it can make the coil spacer factor rate up to 96%, thereby reducing the resistance, to obtain greater current.

2.The use of precision enameled flat wire has a larger surface area, better thermal performance. It can effectively improve the skin effect and reduce high-frequency current consumption.

3.Nowadays, the exterior design of electronic, electrical, digital, automotive and other products toward the development of "light, thin, short, small". In the same winding space, precision enameled flat wire can make higher coil spacer factor rate, and meet the requirement of the flattening, light weight, low power consumption and high performance. 

When using the precision enameled flat wire, the coil electromagnetic effect is better. When the coil is withstanding high-current work, it will be less vibration and low noise.

Magnet wire has rich variety and complete range of specifications,and we can meet customer purchasing requirements.

1.Magnet wire has rich variety and complete range of specifications,and we can meet customer purchasing requirements.

2.We imported the first-class enameled flat wire equipment,the product performance’s consistency is stable;

3.The precision enameled flat wire has a great adhesion.

4.We are the world's leading electrical manufacturing enterprises long-term and stable partners

Enameled wire performance paraeters table

Product NameUEW155

IEC 60317-20

MW 79C

JIS 3202

IEC 60317-51

MW 82C

JIS 3202

IEC 60317-13

MW 35C,73C

JIS 3202

IEC 60317-26

MW 81C

JIS 3202

IEC 60317-46

MW 16C

Enamel Base Coat PolyurethanePolyurethane Polyamide-imidePolyamide-imidePolyimide
Enamel Top Coat


Breakdown temperature

≥ 200° C

≥ 230° C

≥ 320° C

≥ 350° C

≥ 400° C

230° C

260° C

380° C

410° C

450° C

Thermal shock temperature

≥ 175° C

≥ 200° C

≥ 220° C

≥ 240° C

≥ 240° C


Welding temperature

380° C

390° C

Can not be welded

Can not be weldedCan not be welded

370° C

380° C

Tensile strength






Breakdown100 V/µm100 V/µm90 V/µm100 V/µm90 V/µm

Breakdown voltage decline rate

after the chemical standard solvent treatment






Production Range  (Thickness a,Width b)

a: 0.080-1.00mm

a: 0.080-1.00mm

a: 0.080-1.20mm

a: 0.080-1.20mm

a: 0.080-1.20mm

b: 0.800-6.00mmb: 0.800-6.00mmb: 0.800-8.00mmb: 0.800-8.00mmb: 0.800-8.00mm

●excellent weldability

●high heat

●directly welded in 

380 ℃

●high heat resistance

●high heat resistance

●high mechanical 


●high heat resistance

●excellent chemical  


●excellent heat             resistance

●excellent chemical     resistance

●excellent radiation     resistance


● filter






●automotive coils


●small motors



●automotive sensors


●space applications

Transformer, Generator, Motor,Reactor, Welder, Electric Equipment

Ultra-Fine Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire

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